If you are thinking about getting into lacrosse for the first time and thinking about trying out for your local team, this is genuinely a great idea! Lacrosse is a sport that can be played by anyone truly seeking proper competition. There are multiple levels of lacrosse whether It’s College Lacrosse, High school Lacrosse, Recreation league, and it even goes as far as a Professional Lacrosse League( Major League Lacrosse). What is Lacrosse you might ask well it’s a game originated by The Native Americans in The 1630’s and has been rising in popularity ever since this is a game that can resemble a mix of modern day soccer and American football. What are the rules of Lacrosse, There must be ten players on each team. One Goalie, three defense men, three mid fielders, and three offense men. These players are equally skilled but essential to different parts of the game.